The Farm, Goats & Mohair

Our Farm

The Farm

We are lucky enough to live in East Devon in the Blackdown Hills – one of England’s best kept secrets and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We farm 128 acres which is mostly permanent pasture and natural woodland with many small fields and hedgerows. As well as the lovely angora goats which produce the mohair for Corrymoor Socks, we have some sheep and a herd of beef cattle. We moved here in 1986 and the farm has been fully organic (Soil Association) since 1990.

Who are we?
We are the Whitley family – Stephen and Jenny and their three daughters. The girls have grown up with the animals and have helped as and when other pressing commitments have allowed: ponies, school, sport, music and then horses, sport, music, university and other things which occupy girls’ thoughts!

The Goats

The Goats

We’ve had Angora goats since 1986 and have been keen to breed good natured and well framed animals with exceptionally fine, lustrous, kemp-free mohair fleeces. (Kemp is a short thick fibre which makes poor quality mohair itchy).

Each year kids are born in February and March. All the goats are shorn twice a year, usually in July and January.

The young goats are graded according to the quality of the fleece and body and the best will, in due course, join the breeding flock when they are 2½ years old. Our oldest goats have reached 12 years old by which time they have contributed 24 fleeces! The very best goats are selected for showing or for selling for breeding stock.

For details of stock for sale please contact us on 01404861245 or

The mohair
British Mohair is graded by professionals from Bradford   

Why mohair?

Angora goats originally came from Turkey where the mohair fibre was the prized reserve of the sultans. Nowadays, the world’s biggest producers are South Africa and Texas with smaller amounts being produced in Australia, Lesotho, Argentina and Turkey. There are only about 2000 angora goats in UK producing about 7 tons of mohair per year. (World production is about 5,000 tonnes.)

Mohair is known as the “Diamond Fibre” for its lustre, strength and durability. Unlike sheep’s wool, mohair fibres are smooth and don’t trap bacteria which cause smells. So mohair is ideal for socks.

Corrymoor Angora goats are shorn twice a year and the mohair fleeces are carefully graded to ensure that only the best quality is used for Corrymoor Mohair Socks. The mohair is commercially washed and combed into “tops”, worsted spun (for smoothness and added strength) into yarn and then knitted and dyed top produce the distinctive Corrymoor range. Definitely, the most comfortable socks you will ever wear, combining sheer practicality with utter luxury.

We are proud that our socks are British: the mohair is grown in Britain and the combing, spinning and knitting all take place in England. So Corrymoor socks are Sock Miles better – grown and made in England, not imported.