Location: Asia | Pakistan

In June I bought some of your socks for use on an expedition to the Baltoro glacier in Pakistan.We successfully walked up the glacier for about 45 miles to reach K2 Basecamp at 16500ft., and then went over the Ghondokhoro Pass at 19250ft. and climbed Ghondokhoro Peak at 21200ft. The socks you sent me were magnificent.

I wore two pairs – a pair of Sportsman underneath a pair of Companion – and my feet remained warm, dry and blister-free all through the 21 days of the trek, despite the fact that I wore my alpine boots throughout, in temperatures varying between 45C by day on the glacier and as low as -15C at night on the high pass. They withstood the trek very well, showing few signs of wear, despite being washed only infrequently in the glacial meltwater streams.

Some of your socks are now being worn by our erstwhile Balti porters – some I gave away,others were stolen – and are much appreciated by them too, no doubt! Thank you for your excellent socks. They made a great contribution to my comfort on trek, and to the success of the expedition.