Marilyn’s story and what she’s up to now

On June 1st last year, we went out to the field with all the mothers and kids to find a new born kid lying in the grass, VERY alone and cold with no mother paying any attention to her. 

We eventually located her mother who wanted absolutely nothing to do with this little kid.  The mother was only just over a year old herself. Normally, our kids are born in February and March and so it was bit of a surprise.

What must have happened was that, in January, the mother had got in with the young bucks and… The goats are shorn at the beginning of January and you know the things that can happen when little girls get together with little boys with no clothes on!

Anyhow, Marilyn had “the kitchen treatment”: in a box in front of the Aga, stomach tubed milk etc.  There was no certainty that she would survive especially as she couldn’t stand for several days.  However, with attention from us and Harris and Muck (our 2 Gordon Setters), she did survive.  Soon she was getting out of the box and wandering about the house… then out to the boot room in the dog cage… then out to the kennels.

Why “Marilyn”?  Our goats are all registered with the Angora Goat Society and our pedigree suffixes for 2016 had to begin with M.  All the other kids are named after places in or around Devon but this kid was special and so we looked for someone famous born on June 1st.  Hence Marilyn (Monroe) – born June 1st 1926

May, saw the launch of Devon County Show with special guest, Corrymoor Marilyn, who travelled to Southernhay Hotel in Exeter to meet the press and dignitaries. She surprised many a passer-by  who were stunned to meet an Angora goat on the streets of Exeter in their lunch hour. Many photos were taken at the launch and much like her namesake, she loved the attention. You would have thought she had been in the limelight all her life.