Spring is nearly here!

Our goats have spent the wet and cold winter months inside to protect them from the weather. It also gives us a chance to have a good look at them, especially as we are shearing at the moment. This allows us to see who is looking like they might need a little bit of extra food before kidding starts in March.

Its felt like a long winter, but our little bottle fed babies have thrived! Remember Teddy and Mary? They were rejected by their mother but have grown so much and its hard to imagine how tiny they were and totally dependant on us for everything. They both have such huge characters now and follow us around everywhere for a cuddle and scratch. All our pregnant mothers are looking well and hopefully everything will run smoothly during kidding season. Its rare to have any problems, because generally birthing happens without any issues or any help needed from us- as long as we are there to keep a beady eye on them to ensure mothers are happy and doing everything they should be.

Our 3 Alpacas have been apart from the Goats all winter in a field outside, as long as they have shelter they are happy. They have probably enjoyed having their own space for a while before the bossy goats come back.

We are busy shearing the Goatsat the moment, so its lovely to see them nice and clean. They look so small after their thick coats have been removed and we always think it must feel so nice and fresh afterwards. They spend a lot of time afterwards scratching and rubbing along every available scratching post. Lets hope the weather improves soon and we can get them back outside where they love to forage in the hedgerows and get up to lots of mischief, and of course we are super excited to meet all the new babies!