Beyond Endurance Expedition

Dear Steve and Jenny,

I am writing on behalf of the Beyond Endurance Expedition team to thank you for your fantastic Corrymoor socks. They really were put to the test as we successfully completed Sir Earnest Shackleton’s epic journey across the Antarctic mountains and glaciers of South Georgia and some 2000 miles of sailing across the Southern Ocean.

We encountered amazing conditions, including blizzard, driving snow, mist, rain, a Force 10 gale and brilliant sunshine in the ice cold. We made 2 attempts to make an ascent of the previously unclimbed Mount Nichols, but were driven back on both attempts by knock down winds. Leaving the Island left us all with complete admiration for Shackleton’s achievement against all odds and a sense of wonderment for the beauty, remoteness and unique ecology of the region. Unlike him, we were blessed with the support of modern clothing and equipment.

I have attached a photo we took in South Georgia in good weather just before we started the treck – we thought you might like to see your socks in action! Is this the lowest latitude for them – or have they travelled further south? (Having previously trekked with them in the Arctic Circle, do I hold the Corrymoor long-latitude record??!) I have attached a couple of other photos you may find of interest. Thank you again for the socks, they were brilliant: so comfortable whether in sea boot, ski boot or climbing shoe – there was not a cold foot amongst us the entire expedition!

Best Regards,
Beyond Endurance Expedition team