The Farm

We run a small farm in the Cotswolds, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We love our herd of Angora goats for their quirky characters and quiet temperaments. They certainly keep us busy, especially during the shearing months and kidding season.

Why Mohair?

Angora goats originally came from Turkey where the mohair fibre was the prized reserve of the sultans. Nowadays, the world’s biggest producers are South Africa and Texas with smaller amounts being produced in Australia, Lesotho, Argentina and Turkey. There are only about 2000 angora goats in UK producing about 4 tons of mohair per year. (World production is about 5,000 tonnes.) Mohair is known as the “Diamond Fibre” for its lustre, strength and durability. Unlike sheep’s wool, mohair fibres are smooth and don’t trap bacteria which cause smells.

British Made

The mohair we use for socks is commercially washed and combed into tops, worsted spun (for smoothness and strength) into yarn. Since 1990, Corrymoor Socks have been expertly knitted on traditional machinery in Leicestershire.

Why choose Corrymoor Mohair Socks?

Corrymoor Socks are as versatile as mohair itself. From non-flammable upholstery in aircrafts to the finest spun cool suiting material, from Steiff Teddy Bears to crosscountry ski skins and from Navajo Indian horse cinches to delicate lace wedding dresses; the natural wicking properties and extreme strength of mohair combined with its silky soft feel ensures this unique combination of practicality and luxury. Corrymoor Socks combine these properties to provide your feet with the ultimate sock.

Corrymoor Socks are…Cool in summer, warm in winter.

Any moisture is quickly wicked away. This is true… we aren’t just saying it. It does mean that you can wear them for a considerably long time without washing them!

Good for your feet

Mohair fibres are naturally smooth which makes it difficult for foot bacteria to build up thereby preventing foot hygiene and health problems. Chiropodists and podiatrists recommend Corrymoor Socks. We find that people with sensitive skin or who can’t wear wool can wear our socks.

Hardwearing and will last for ages.

Mohair fibres are 3 times more resistant to rubbing than wool fibres.

Uppermost in our minds is the care of our animals and the countryside, the production of a British made product of style, quality and durability and an efficient and thoughtful service to Corrymoor Sock customers.