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Short Sock

The Companion is a calf length sock with a cushioned sole, reinforced heel and ribbed leg. The sock is designed for comfort and protection along with extreme durability.

Perfect for walking, hiking and gardening. Ideal for industrial and heavy everyday use in wellies, boots and shoes.

If you are on your feet all day, then you need a Companion!

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The Companion socks

For men, woman and children. Have a cushioned sole, ribbed leg and lightly elasticated welt. Extremely hard wearing and will last for ages. Resilient and will keep their shape after many months of wear! Odour resistant (smooth mohair fibres have nowhere for smelly foot bacteria to lurk). Can be machine washed at 40⁰c (see washing instructions). Available in 18 plain and 4 marl colours.

Please be aware that the Marl colours in our Companion socks can come up slightly bigger.

Fibre Content: 68% Mohair, 32% JAS Nylon

Why add nylon? Mohair itself has relatively little elasticity and so we add nylon to give extra stretch. The nylon does not detract from the beneficial effects of the mohair.


37 reviews for Companion

  1. Steph

    These are my favourite socks by a mile (literally!) Perfect for dog walking, keeping my feet toasty but not sweaty and thick enough that my boots don’t rub.
    I’ve had them for a year and they wash really well and haven’t worn. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for socks now – I’m converted!

  2. Miles

    I wear these everyday in my work boots and cannot brag about them enough! I have 3 pairs I rotate throughout the week, they don’t smell, they keep my feet warm and they are very comfortable. These are better than I expected- I’m happy to pay for long lasting socks!

  3. Diana

    I have waited a year until writing a review and now I can say that they are the best socks I have ever bought . Very comfortable , hard wearing , warm , they wash very well , just perfect. I need a second pair ! I have tried so many other woollen socks but they all wear out rapidly. These don’t.

  4. Louise Eardley

    These are without doubt the best socks on the planet. My husband and I both wear them love the pink marl great for walking in x

  5. Vernon Williams

    Excellent wear, with a distinctive feel that remains fresh & supportive throughout the day.

  6. Amy

    These are fab socks!
    If you have small feet like me (size 4) i would recommend getting the XS as i found the small a bit too loose, especially after wearing for a few hours.

  7. Sue Ball

    I’ve had quite a few pairs of these over many years of serious ‘Corrymoor addiction’, they’re perfect for chilly days walking, working and brilliant in wellies. I think they’re the best socks ever!

  8. Emma

    I do not wear any other socks since I first found these while on an oral chemotherapy that made my feet feel like I was walking on hot coals all the time. I now recommend these to all my cancer patient friends and I’ve gifted them to family members, who are also massive fans! The best socks ever! ????

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  9. Vivien B

    I have several pairs of these socks and they are amazing. Super comfy and toasty. Feel great in walking boots, I also wear them with my Stan Smith plimsolls and for padding around the house. I have given them as gifts and they are loved by all. Beware! they are addictive!

  10. M Green

    Great socks. I have worn them under a dry suit in cold conditions and they keep my feet nice and warm

  11. Nathaniel R

    I’ve been wearing mine under my drysuit this winter and my feet have never been warmer! These are genuinely my favourite socks! Treat your feet!

  12. Jenny S

    Super comfy, warm, great sock all round.

  13. David Mutton

    I have two pairs of these socks which I use for work as an outdoor instructor. They are really great, comfortable and provide brilliant comfort and warmth. I’ll definitely be buying more in the future.

  14. Justine

    Very comfortable and great colour socks love these.

  15. Matthew Roberts

    I have worked in the outdoors for 15 years and these are by far the best socks I have ever worn! Love that they are made in Britain as well.

  16. Owen Senior

    They’re warm. They wash well and the don’t fall to pieces!

  17. Brian Kavanagh

    Awesome socks. Have worn them rock climbing and Bushcrafting on a cold day in the forest and been toasty warm and comfortable. Very impressed.

  18. Izzie Sully

    Love my companion socks – they’re super comfy & very durable.

  19. Matthew Olie

    Like your nans arm chair but in a sock. Comfy, warm and smell surprisingly good after being used so many times. Get them.

  20. Sophie

    I live in my wellies and these socks are always my go to. Super warm, don’t fall down and so soft. Wash so well too. Cant wait to collect all the colours!

  21. Kat

    Looooove my socks! Wear them under my dry suit when I’m paddling in white water. Keep me warm in these winter months! Thank you!

  22. Josh Beazley

    These socks are super warm in the chilly weather when out and about. They are also great for lounging around the home.

  23. Rich Lloyd

    I use my maroon corrrymoor socks for hiking or for work, super comfortable and warm and look great!

  24. Rosie T

    I love these socks so much! So comfy and soft. I wear them at home, with walking boots, with trainers, with Chelsea boots. They’re such good quality and the colours are so juicy – I just want them all!

  25. Becky

    Super comfy and warm after a day out in the cold

  26. Jack l

    Love em warm and make your feet look sexy

  27. Séamus Murray

    Absolutely toasty socks and very comfy!

  28. Alex Mortimer

    Warm and Cosy, Great for hiking .

  29. Jenny Whitley BSc (Hons) Ecology

    Thank you very much for your kind comments about our socks.
    The mailbags we currently use are made from recyclable LDPE 4 (Low density polyethylene) and can be reused again by you as well as recycled (see label on bag). However, whether LDPE 4 products can be collected at the kerbside and recycled does depend on your council’s recycling policy. For small and much larger orders we do use cardboard packaging. However, it is debatable just how environmental cardboard is as the manufacture of cardboard/paper can be environmentally poor when it comes to energy, resource and pollution from manufacturing.

    I have spent many hours researching the most secure and environmentally friendly way for us to mail our socks. It is a challenge to find the correct solution as how people and councils deal with waste varies enormously across the country as well as from rural to urban areas. Environmentally friendly packaging is changing rapidly and new and better solutions are being produced all the time. We will be using home compostable mailbags once the current batch of LDPE 4 bags is finished. Unless I find an even better alternative!
    Many thanks.

  30. Jo Olde

    Great socks shame about the plastic bag they are delivered in. Such an effort is made to cut the socks packaging itself it would be nice if they could be delivered in cardboard packaging as opposed to plastic bags.

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  31. Ben & Nina

    I love these socks for walking the dogs in all year round day in day out. Thank you Steve and Jenny.

  32. Gappy Pirate

    These are probably the best socks I have ever had! They are warm and comfy also so far they seem very hard wearing.
    Highly recommended.

  33. Frode L

    After I found these socks, they are the ones I use daily, all year round. They do not seem to wear out – ever! Very comfortable.

  34. Katie Gwilt

    I was fortunate enough to get given a pair of these fabulous socks. I wore them all weekend at a festival and my feet were warm, dry and fresh (even after 3 days of use). I shall be getting many more pairs!

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  35. Tessa Lane

    My last two pairs of socks lasted nearly ten years despite being used daily in wellies for dog-walking. What more could I ask?

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  36. Peter G

    Was given a pair of Companion (navy marl) as a present for Christmas. I honestly have never owned such a comfortable pair of socks and have walked miles and miles in them ( both in wellies and walking boots). They have never been washed and yet still look (and smell!) as new. Highly recommended.

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  37. Alan Selwood

    I first bought a batch of Companion socks soon after they were mentioned in an article in the Telegraph in about 1994.
    I am now just in the middle of ordering my 4th or 5th batch, and I would never wear anything else. They last for ages and ages, are comfortable, don’t give me sweaty feet, and cope with all temperatures (I have worn them with sandals on snow, and in the height of summer in Australia when it’s reached 37C). The service is good too (I was once emailed just before Christmas to be told that because of demand, all hands were working through the night to get the orders out!). That’s dedication for you!
    Very highly recommended.

    1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Caring for your socks

“In 25 years the mohair fibre and ingredients of your Corrymoor Socks haven’t changed…..but detergents and washing machines have.”

So what is the best way to care for your Corrymoors?

  • Do not use detergents containing enzymes—check the detergent packaging
  • Wool wash at 40°c
  • Use a gentle spin (most wool washes will incorporate this into the cycle anyway)
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Wash dark colours separately at first

A Bit of Science and tips on washing
Mohair is a fibre made up of the protein keratin (like your own hair, silk, wool and other animal fibres). The scales of the mohair fibre are flattened and overlay each other giving a smooth surface (unlike wool). This gives mohair its smooth handle and high lustre and your Corrymoor Socks their unique hard-wearing, anti-bacterial (no smell), wicking and non-felting properties.

Mohair has a much greater resistance to shrinking and felting than other natural fibres, but it too finds it hard to resist the action of the protease enzymes found in many of the “low temperature” detergents. Sadly, the enzymes cannot tell the difference between dirt and the protein fibres of the mohair which can ultimately weaken and breakdown resulting in slight shrinkage and felting of your beloved Corrymoors.

For your Information (although we do not recommend you try this out at home)
Corrymoors are dyed in water which reaches boiling point, this is then followed by rinsing AND spinning AND tumble drying!

Additional information


Extra Small (UK 1-4 – EUR 32-36), Small (UK 4-7 – EUR 37-41), Medium (UK 8-10 – EUR 41-45), Large (UK 11-13 – EUR 45-48), Extra Large (UK 14-16 – EUR 49-51)


Natural, Fawn, Chocolate Brown, Old Gold, Navy Blue, Denim Blue, Ultra Violet, Red, Pink, Burgundy, Burnt Orange, Forest Green, Hunter Green, Moss, Jade, Black, Slate Grey, Navy Marl, Pink Marl, Jade Marl, Ultra Violet Marl, Marl Stone, Duck Egg

Why not choose to have your socks without the cardboard sleeve? For many years, repeat customers have chosen to receive their socks with reduced packaging.

Please note: We do not recommend this option if you are a NEW CUSTOMER or if the socks are a GIFT as it contains the washing instructions, style and fibre content etc.

Here at Corrymoor we are always looking to reduce our carbon footprint. Where possible we try to use sustainable products that can be recycled/composted in your household waste.

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