Meet the Twins..

Meet the twins, Teddy and Mary, born March this year- fathered by our gentle giant Lincoln.

Sadly, their mother rejected them at birth despite having kids before and being a great mother.

We tried to persuade mum to feed and look after them but It was obvious that this was not going to happen, so we had no choice but to bottle feed them! A big commitment 3 times a day to ensure they are getting what they need to thrive.

Because they were very young and quite weak we decided to bring them into our kitchen, where we could keep them warm and keep a close eye on them. At first it was hard to even get them to have a tiny drink from the bottle but as each day went by they began to have a little bit more and their cheeky personalities started to show.

Our Newfoundland ‘Bear’ loved having them around and liked nothing more than licking them through the side of their makeshift home.

After a couple of weeks, they were getting stronger and even started escaping into other areas of our house! They were ready to go back with the rest of the goats.

So after a worrying start they are now towering above some of the other goats of the same age.

They run across the field to greet us every single day and are always being playful- love climbing on us when we are trying to do jobs!