New Babies 2024

Kidding is now over, and we are happy to say that all went smoothly. All the Kids are thriving, not too happy about the weather at the moment but glad to be outside and free at last!

They can go inside if they want to and we are noticing that they are spending quite a bit of time indoors, they don’t like the wet weather.

Last years Kids look so big now and are catching up with their mums. Its always a relief to get to this time of year knowing that the first shear is done and we have lots of healthy babies.

It makes life a bit easier for us now but the hot weather can also come with some challenges- for now we can enjoy watching the little ones grow and become more independent.

Its funny to watch the Kids team up and enjoy running around together, they sometimes huddle together for a nap forgetting about where mum might be. They soon find her again though when its time for a drink!

We are excited for summer and lots more mischief to come!