The John Muir Trail

The John Muir Trail starts in Yosemite National Park and finishes at the top of Mt Whitney (Americas highest mountain). It’s around 222 miles in total and the average time people spend doing the trail is 25 days. I crazily decided to do it in 9 days. I hadn’t done any unguided backpacking before so it was all a new experience to carry my own food (in a bear canister so the bears don’t eat it!) and camp completely in the wilderness. 

I did the trek with my friend and each time we bumped in to people they couldn’t believe we were trying to do it in 9 days. This averaged 25 miles with about 12,000 ft of up and downs each day. I don’t think either of us knew how hard it was really going to be. After 5 days my friend pulled out as there was one of only a couple of exit points. I did the last 4 days on my own, averaging 30 miles a day to try and make up for the lost mileage. As the trek went on the climbs got steeper and steeper but the scenery just got more beautiful! I met a lot of people along the way which kept my spirits up and the emotion and feeling when I reached the top of Mt Whitney and had actually completed the trek was incredible. 

Even though my feet were in pieces after three days, the socks still kept me comfortable! They passed the smell test and kept me warm at night and remained cool during the day in the Sierra Nevada heat. My parents have since ordered the socks now for there own countryside walks.

Thanks again for sending the socks they were great.