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Sabrina Carder writes an article for Yahoo Style Online…

We can all rejoice, smell-resistant socks now exist. Say goodbye to always getting ‘the fear’ when taking your shoes off at a friend’s house and to the Sunday laundry schedule, because these bad boys don’t even need to be washed. 

This genius product is the brainchild of Steve and Jenny Whitley, a savvy couple who run an angora goat farm in East Devon and accompanying knitwear company, Corrymoor. Steve and Jenny created the smell-defying socks after customers gave positive reviews about their jumpers, saying they didn’t pick up the same amount of smell as normal items of clothing.

As soon as they started selling their mohair sock range they received similar messages from customers reporting they could wear them for days without washing. 

The couple even had people owning up to the fact that they literally hadn’t taken them off for weeks and there still wasn’t even a faint whiff of odour. Now that’s some serious trying and testing. 

For just £9 a pop we definitely think these socks are a great purchase. And they will save us running to Primark to pick up a pack of new socks every time we run out of clean ones. What a game changer.

Published on Yahoo Style online 5th May 2016.